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Broadwater Parklands Stage 3

The Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 was officially opened to the public in February 2016. Stage 3 continues the master plan vision for Broadwater Parklands, with the addition of 3.5 hectares of land to the north of the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre at Southport.

Stage 3 adds facilities for schools, the Southport Amateur Fishing Club, visitors and tourists including:

  • the Northern Pavilion, a new community facility and home for the Southport Amateur Fishing Club
  • an environmental education shelter
  • a four-lane boat ramp
  • 82 car parks and 90 car trailer parks.

More than 100,000 cubic metres of sand was dredged from the Broadwater to reclaim land and improve the navigable channel. To help stabilise and protect the surrounding marine environment, 3000 square metres of seagrass was planted. In 2008, 500 square metres was planted during stage one of works and has since flourished, growing to 5000 square metres.

The project was undertaken in conjunction with the Gold Coast Waterways Authority and represents the completion of 70 per cent of the Master Plan for the Parklands.

Broadwater Parklands Stage 3 is a significant Commonwealth Games legacy project, ensuring the city will be able to cater to the anticipated influx of visitors during GC2018 and providing new recreational open space for future generations of Gold Coasters.

Fireworks event at Broadwater Parklands
Palm tree leaf
Broadwater Parklands
Broadwater Parklands
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